Chelsea Charms

Big Boobs of Chelsea Charms Name: Chelsea Charms
Birthday: March 7, 1976
Home Country USA
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde
Height (cm): 157 Height (inch): 5’2
Weight (kg): 54 Weight (lbs): 118
Breast: 68 Cup-size: XXX
Enhanced? Y
Waist: 23 Hip: 34
Tattoos: N Piercings: N


Chelsea Charms was born March 7, 1976 in Twin Cities, Minnesota in the United States. She is a huge bust model from the USA and is well known for her enormous Bustline. She begans her career as a stripper with a natural D Cup before she decided to become a Big Boob Model with implants. Her first two augmentations was from natural D to an E-Cup and from this E-Cup to an HH-Cup.Apparently this was not enough because in 2000 she got polypropylene string breast implants. The string implants irritate the breast pocket which, in turn, promotes the production of fluid. The fluid is absorbed by the implant, resulting in continuous, gradual growth of the breast. That means this Boobs don’t stop growing. The initial string content was equivalent to 2500cc. Her doctor estimates the growth has increased the size of each breast to over 7000cc. In 2005 Chelsea announced that the volume has reached 10000cc. As of 2012 she claims to be over 15000cc. Her Tits are approximately 30 pounds (11.82 kg) a piece. WOW!

Chelsea Charms:

Wether at work, at the cracker barrel or at a jovial gentlemen’s evening – when talking about really big boobs, in most cases these are mentioned together with the name of Chelsia Charms. But who wonders – the born US American owns the bust size world record since years. When normal sizes are in the range of A to double D, Chelsia is able to present a full triple X. But, of course, this hasn’t always been the case. In the course of the last years the 35 years old has had some boob jobs which resulted, after all in the fact that she is now combining her height of only 1,57 m with a bust measurement of incredible 137 cm, whereby each of them has about 14 kg of weight. On top of that the hot girl from Minnesota travelled to South Africa for her last surgery to get breast implants made of Polypropylen. This synthetic material is not allowed to be used for bust surgeries in the USA and in Germany, because this material has the property to absorb body fluids causing a steadily grow. Though – according to statements of the producer – this condition will only last for one year, this statement does not seem to be true for Chelsia Charms. But that will be all rights for the fans of the woman with the biggest tits of the world. How it could otherwise be explained that the hot US-American hardly can fulfill the many national and international booking requests.

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